About Us

After growing up watching the movies and loving the beautiful dresses and actions of princesses, who wouldn't want to be a princess? Thus Once Upon a Princess was born!

Serving Central Indiana, we are Once Upon a Princess LLC, a character company delivering memories for your child’s event.

With over SEVENTY-character choices, three party packages to pick from as well as over five years of experience, our company can help deliver a memorable party!

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they get a visit from one of the characters we offer!

We love storytelling! That is why our packages come with a book for the celebrating child! Proof of their enchanting experience that your child will treasure for years to come!

Ashley- Owner


Growing up in a background of the performing arts, Ashley has taken her experience and passion and brought it to life by portraying some of the most loved children's characters. Aside from performing, she enjoys spending time with her family and working on her sewing skills.

Tory- Creative Director 

After running her own successful party company, Tory jumped into OUAP with a great mind for all things magical! Helping with the behind the scenes magic, Tory is a wonderful new addition! When she isn't out performing, she's enjoying time with her family and helping Ashley with all things Magic!

Daisy- Performer

Aside from being a nanny to two sweet girls, Daisy is currently pursuing her Master's at BSU. She is also an excellent seamstress and enjoys doing crafts in her free time!

Cheryl- Performer

Other than being an aide for special needs students, Cheryl is one of OUAPs OG performers! She has been performing for 3 years! She loves to read and watches a lot of movies. Cheryl is currently in school to maintain her teaching license!

Allison- Performer


Allison recently graduated from Anderson University and is currently working at a residential therapy center for teen girls. In her free time she enjoys acting, singing, and spending time with family. A fun fact about Allison is that she is obsessed with mermaids!

Keyla- Performer


Keyla spends her time working as a paraprofessional in our local school district & spending time with family and friends. Her favorite pastime is anything involving her god son. She also enjoys music, reading, and anything Disney. 

Erika- Performer


Erika is mother to a sweet little girl who is obsessed with all things fairytale. When she's not performing with OUAP, she is a photographer's assistant and a Sunday school teacher! She is the mom to a sweet 3 year old little girl!

Shannon- Performer

As a cat mom to three sweet kitties, Shannon spends her time nurturing her plants and expanding her horizons. She currently works as a behavioral specialist with our school system!

Brenda- Performer

Brenda is one of our newest performers to join our OUAP family! She is also an actress performing plays around the area! Fun fact about Brenda, she is going to be working for the Mouse himself soon! 

Untitled design (1).png
Hunter- Performer

Hunter is one of our original cast and we're so excited to welcome her back to our family! Hunter had the opportunity to work for the Mouse himself and brings so much knowledge and talent to the team!

Charity- Performer

Charity is an actress who often performs in plays around the central IN area! She is a stunning singer and a wonderful performer!

Fun fact about Charity. In addition to performing in shows on stage, she was also in the 3rd season of Stranger Things!

Kayleen- Performer

Kayleen is a mom to a precious little boy who she loves very much! Kayleen enjoys spending time with friends and family in her free time!

Megan- Performer

Megan has always felt she was a princess at heart so joining OUAP has been a dream come true! She absolutely loves animals, especially the big Mouse himself! She enjoys crafting, singing and reading in her free time!