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Terms and Conditions

Travel Charges: Please note that parties farther than 20 miles from our headquarters in Anderson will be charged $0.75 per mile after the first 20 miles. Travel is charged per 4 Cast Members. Subject to change if flight/hotel accommodations are required.


Retainer: A $50 non-refundable retainer is required to secure your time and date. Your retainer is non-refundable. This retainer will be paid via a PayPal invoice, payable via PayPal balance or card. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS. Your party time and date is not guaranteed until payment of the deposit has cleared. Payment of the retainer indicates agreement to the terms and conditions listed here.


Balance: The remaining balance of your party will be due via PayPal 48 hours prior to the party date or immediately upon performer arrival via cash. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS. *ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS AFTER PERFORMANCE IS COMPLETED*


Performer Interactions: From the moment of arrival until departure, our performers will remain in character! Please refrain from referring to the performer by their given name, or asking questions that would compromise character integrity. Adult guests are expected to respect every performer! Negative comments of any kind are not tolerated. Please help us to keep the magic alive! All activity options are listed on the website and available upon request. Unless requested for alternative activity options, the performer(s) will perform the package activities listed under your party package.  A performer may alter activities if he/she sees the need during the party. If you wish the performer to never stray from their planned activity, it is the client's responsibility to make sure the children are actively listening and participating.


Substance Use: We do not allow smoking, alcohol, or the use of any other substance while our performers are in attendance at a party. Failure to comply will result in the character leaving the party immediately with full compensation from the client.


Performer Rights: If at any time a performer feels that they are in a threatening, hostile, unsafe, harmful, hazardous, or unsanitary environment, that performer retains the right leave with full compensation from the client.


Exclusivity: Due to the varying activities and operations, we do not allow competing companies with "similar characters" at any of our events without our prior knowledge. With the uncertainty of what other companies offer and differences in quality, Once Upon a Princess reserves the right to leave with full compensation should other competing characters be on site.


Performer Safety/Weather Conditions: For the sake of our performers' safety and the maintenance of our equipment/gowns/wigs, we will not perform parties outdoors in temperatures below 65F or exceeding 80F. If a character has multiple costumes, they will arrive in whichever costume is most weather appropriate. If there is any form of inclement weather (rain, hail, wind, snow, etc., with any level of severity, the client assumes full responsibility to find an indoor alternate venue and notify Once Upon a Princess with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If finding an indoor venue is for any reason not possible, a "rain date" may be scheduled on an available date. If no date can be settled upon, this contract shall become null and void, all deposit and balance payments shall be refunded, and both parties shall have no further legal recourse against each other.  

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